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Banking & Finance Solicitors in London

The top five global risks in the 2020 World Economic Forum global risk report were climate change related.  Every bank and financial institution has a responsibility to ensure that its staff, customer services and operations are compliant with the international community’s agreed perception of what it means to be ‘sustainable’.

Our founder, Sophie Newbould, is currently working with the UK’s banking regulator as well as international sustainability experts and community, including the International Model United Nations.

Together we are implementing successful strategic sustainability approaches across industry business processes that will help banks and financial institutions cope with the impact of Greening the Financial System.  

Sophie’s legal and regulatory sustainability project innov8law is the first technology platform of its kind to provide States, institutions and corporations with international sustainability compliance integrity.  Technology providers and buyers are invited to participate in the work of this project.

We advise technology companies supporting the banking and finance industries in business processing and new technology economies.  

We are experienced and add significant value to our Client projects because of our legal, commercial and regulatory knowledge of these institutions, supply chains and business processes for whole lifecycle requirements of the buyers and suppliers.