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Energy, Agriculture & Environment Solicitors in London

Energy and agriculture are facing seismic challenges to innovate their processes to ensure sustainable impacts on our national and global environments this decade.  

Innovation is expensive and risky. As everyone is trying to recover from the economic harm caused by the current global Covid-19 pandemic, such demands couldn’t have come at a worse time for many of those responsible.

Newboulds are experienced technology project experts. We advise and support technology companies undertaking this research, development, design, build and sales work into the energy and agriculture industries.

The regulations, the contracts, the funding. You need experts to ensure no money or time is wasted when selecting and pursuing the right opportunities for your business.  

We thrive in making introductions and being a part of our clients’ collaboration successes. Our project skills and commercial legal expertise means that your risk is managed as tightly as possible. Your business and team are in safe hands with Newboulds onboard.

Sustainability development is at the heart of our business thinking and planning, for ourselves and for our clients.  

When pursuing projects, we will ensure all regulatory aspects, policies and procedures, are compliant with international and national legislation and regulations specific for the industry.  

What the buyers of technology solutions want in terms of social value, sustainability and value add can often make it difficult for SME technology companies to compete. If you are experiencing these challenges, you should talk with us as there may be discrimination and competition distortion. Such barriers to competition entry may be preventing your business from being able to compete for delivery of the true nature of the contract’s core services, works or goods if you like with a value for money offering.

Newboulds is here to support innovation and those with the creativity to make it happen. But we are also here to protect your business and its right to compete in regulated markets for the work it does.  

We are experts in managing project relationships in such a way that most often results in success not only for our clients, but all parties.  

Sustainable project success is what you will achieve with Newboulds by your side.