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Government & Public Sector Solicitors in London

Unless you are a strategic supplier with a dominant presence, governments and public sector entities are notoriously difficult to sell to, trade with and promote provider services to.

Newboulds specialises in supporting SME technology companies, helping ensure perfect positioning to win government work.

We can help navigate public sector procurement services, such as the UK’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS); help drive solid regulatory compliance, ensure compliance with international/ regional procurement directives and even assist in potential public sector funding opportunities. 

Government procurement and commercial terms are often fraught with risk and mired in complexity for suppliers. Frequently, significant investment is demanded to tender for public contracts, coupled with deep understanding of the machinations of that government’s internal and external procurement mechanisms.

Newboulds has deep experience of dealing with international government procurement, tender processes and commissions. 

We help non-government clients assess business opportunities from a straightforward legal perspective; delivering analysis of the potential costs, pitfalls, challenges and opportunities.  

Newboulds wants to ensure your path to success by guiding you towards the most prudent decisions, based on rational consideration of government procurement processes. Yes, we can help you jump through the hoops, but equally, Newboulds has the business nous to advise when it’s better to stop and concentrate on more lucrative investments elsewhere.

Through our relationships with trade bodies such as TechUK, the Association of Project Managers, the Institution of Procurement & Supply, The Law Society and investor research companies, we are well placed to give technology providers the best support and steer you to success - without breaking the bank.