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Healthcare & Wellbeing Commercial Solicitors in Essex & London

Delivering technology products and services to the healthcare sector has always been a massive sector, but with the increasing importance of AI, design thinking, robotics and big data, the opportunities are stratospheric. 

You might even argue that the burgeoning ‘wellbeing’ sector developed as a result of its good fit with fast growth-large scale technology development opportunities (such as mobile phone applications).

Both industries are subject to tight legislative and regulatory regimes in the UK and EU.  

But there are reported concerns about the speed of discovery and success of effective new technologies leading to increased demands for new care, which in turn forces national health providers to turn to older tech and out of date treatments to accommodate demand.

The healthcare system is a good example of national provision for society taking too long from innovation development to new treatment introduction to patients. Newboulds is conversant with the work of the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence, for example, in addressing the gap between new (healthcare-related) technology and its wide availability. 

At Newboulds Solicitors, we work closely with technology businesses to ensure they understand fully the processes and implications of entering into the UK and EU Healthcare markets before they embark on further development and investment.

Most healthcare projects in the UK are put out to tender, but this process misses out on innovation - if a tender exists, the healthcare provider has identified a need for a solution to an existing problem or service gap. Newboulds experience extends to helping innovative new products and services reach the right health service decision makers. 

Another avenue we can help explore is working in partnerships with health service organisations, and seeking grants from the likes of UK Research and Innovation, for example. There are also programs and organisations, such as the Innovation Agency, one of 15 UK Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), that help forge links with the NHS.