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Data & Information Solicitors in London

Data is the most valuable resource in the modern business world. Any organisation that wants to grow rapidly and sustainably needs to be seeking out and seizing upon every possible opportunity to maximise revenue out of the data they hold.

From extracting key insights and finding better ways to serve customers, to working with advertisers and database licensing, there are countless ways to commercially exploit data. But there are also strict data protection regulations with which you must comply.

Newboulds is here to help.

We are more than just data lawyers (although our data law expertise is forensic and bang up to date). We are also  absolute experts in the different ways technology businesses can achieve maximum revenue from the data they hold, while at the same time minimising any data protection risks.

Our team can help identify all of the exploitable data that you hold, get in place appropriate protections and show you new and innovative ways to leverage that data to make more money.

By delivering smart insights drawn from our extensive experience in this rapidly developing sector, we can help you generate extra income, rather than being just another sunk cost.

So if you want access to data law experts who will help you earn additional revenue from the data you hold, we’d love to hear from you.

How our data lawyers can help your business

Our data law experts can help your business make more money with seasoned advice on issues, including:

  • Identification, protection, commercial exploitation
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Registered designs
  • Copyright
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual Property (IP) valuations
  • Disputes and mediation

What else can we do for your business?

As well as helping with IP law, we can also assist with:

Talk to us about increasing value for your business from your data, to help support and grow your business - https://calendly.com/newbouldslaw/30min