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About Us

Newboulds is a lean startup law firm entirely dedicated to supporting global technology businesses operating in UK and EU regulated markets - including Government, Transport, Health, Defence, Energy, Utilities, Banking, Finance, Biotech, Pharma, Media, Leisure and Sport.

Newboulds supports regulated buyers and suppliers of large-scale technology solutions. On top of holistic legal counsel support, Newboulds delivers strategic commercial growth legal support, including raising finance and deal opportunities for your business.  

We administer bespoke legal services to ambitious technology startups, helping them develop into scaleups. We serve the legal needs of large and consortium technology suppliers, and the regulated buying organisations themselves.  

Why Newboulds?

Simply put, we are the best – not only in terms of legal support for the technology business – but because we also offer a rich and varied contact book, as well as new opportunities to help growth and success. 

Company founder Sophie Newbould built Newboulds Solicitors from scratch after 20 years working with major technology and construction infrastructure projects. 

As a founder of a revolutionary software company [link?], Sophie offers detailed, real-world understanding of the challenges tech business founders face when seeking to identify opportunities, win contracts and make money – all while having to grow a team, satisfy investors and protect Intellectual Property.

This means Newboulds understands the intense pressures you face to succeed in today's market. But we also understand the rich potential of technology and its unique capacity to help shape a better future.

The Newboulds way

Working with Newboulds Solicitors is not the same as formally instructing other law firms (nor do we ever want it to be). 

Our sole purpose is to deliver reliable, 24/7 legal support from a team which knows your business and sector inside out – without breaking the bank. We keep it simple. Our measure of success is how well your business is doing.

But no technology business is successful without first class legal support.  Some lawyers charge over £8k per day – and the big guns pay!   

Unless you are certain you have found the right lawyers to help gain real commercial leverage and competitive edge, competing with other tech companies with deep pockets is potentially business suicide. 

Businesses are built on contracts, Intellectual Property, other assets, data, and people.  Our experience enables us to advise clients on the best approach towards winning contracts,  avoiding business disputes, looking after investors, and understanding and complying with relevant laws and regulations, as well as managing risk most effectively. 

Operating virtually, our extensive client and business networks mean we are ideally placed to identify fantastic growth opportunities for global tech companies, not only in the UK but across the European Union and around the world. 

As a strong voice in the technology startup sector, we actively participate with industry bodies such as:

  • TechUK
  • The Association of Project Management (APM)
  • The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)
  • The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • The  Procurement Lawyers Association (PLA),
  • The Law Society, and 
  • International Model United Nations (IMUN).