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Over the past five years, Newboulds Solicitors has evolved to support projects and businesses involving scientists, engineers, technologists, innovators who are developing and providing solutions that solve today's needs and requirements.

The spectrum of projects Newboulds has worked on at procurement stage, through to contract award, project implementation, delivery and support is vast, from national infrastructure to new solutions for global sustainability.

Newboulds can support science and technology projects, buyers and suppliers across most sectors from gaming and gambling, to Government, Defence, health and energy.  Newboulds is as passionate as you are not to waste money and see results, which is why our approach to law and commercials is as pragmatic as your team.

We are a strong believer in prosperity and growth.  We want to see our clients succeed and win more contracts, whether that is with Government or with commercial businesses.  Newboulds is here to help move your legals and commercials forward so not to delay and get distracted by risk, but to plough through and make your deals come true.


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