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Gaming & Gambling Solicitors in London

Newboulds Solicitors offers expertise and insight into the legal complexities surrounding the gaming and gambling sector. 

Indeed, founder Sophie Newbould has advised the UK Government’s Gambling Commission on strategic and commercial solutions in relation to the awarding of the next UK National Lottery licence.

The legal and regulatory framework in this sector is particularly complex, given the financial, technological and societal aspects involved. But in a sector generating around £14-£15bn a year in the UK alone, gaming and gambling is an industry worthy of involvement. 

The pandemic and furlough have seen a rise in online gaming and gambling, with a regulatory framework that struggles to keep pace with the rate of tech developments. 

We have experience in the regulatory practices, application and certification processes and requirements for gaming - and apps - both in betting and consumer gaming. 

Meeting player and consumer protections are good examples of where regulation has potentially enabled the explosive growth of these digital technologies over the past 15 years.

Several factors, including marketing, product development, speed of new games release, pricing and finance, cross-market business relationships, domestic and international transactions and share prices, makes these industries very difficult for governments and regulators to crack down on in the event that harm is being caused.  

We provide full support to businesses in commercial exploitation of new and existing products. 

We can also advise tech companies on the regulatory compliance processes of UK, EU and other international competition and market regulators when there are market domination and anti-competitive behaviour allegations by regulators and/or interested parties.